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International Techincal Inspection Company

Shantia Gostar Faraz International Technical Inspection Company is one of the Iranian companies in the field of inspection activities, which started operating in 2008 under registration number 33205, and in 2011 succeeded in obtaining the certification certificate from the Iranian certification system. With the benefit of domestic and foreign experts, this group expanded its activities to provide various technical inspection services and inspection of various imported and exported goods.

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Shantia Gostar Faraz International Technical Inspection Company offers various services in order to ensure customers in terms of quantity, quality, safety, social health and environmental issues


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As we see today, all countries of the world are working hard to increase their share of the global market. In this market, the conditions of free competition prevail. Trading in this market is a complex, technical and specialized issue and is not limited to buyers and sellers.

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Shantia Gostar Faraz inspection complex with more than ten years of experience and consisting of experienced staff including: expert experts and professional inspectors provides a variety of compliance assessment services.

Conformity assessment services include: inspection of export and import goods, inspection of elevators and escalators, inspection of welding and NDT, inspection of cylinders and CNG stations, etc.

In order to satisfy you dear ones and facilitate the work process, Shantia Gostar Faraz Inspection Company has provided the possibility of inquiring up-to-date and online about the certificates issued on this site.

You can see the scanned image of your desired certificate by going to the "Certificate Inquiry" section and entering your user information.

In order to accelerate the speed and increase the quality of service, Shantia Gostar Faraz inspection complex has made it possible to send your requests to receive inspection certificates through the online system.

After registering and entering the required information, you can register your required service request online and up-to-date by referring to the "Certificate Request" section.