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Our missions in Shantia Gostar Faraz International Technical Inspection Company

Increase stakeholder satisfaction and provide technical inspection services and certification of management systems and individuals in accordance with national and international standards

Shantia Policy
Shantia Gostar Faraz Company with more than a decade of experience in the field of inspection and conformity assessment as a type A inspection company ...
Shantia Moral Charter
Considering that the behavior of the employees reflects the behavioral policy of Shantia Gostar Faraz Company and creates an attitude in people, observing the cases ...
Work with enthusiasm.
Care about you.
Responsible for you.
Communicate with you.
Since 2007

Management statement


Shantia Gostar Faraz Company explicitly undertakes that the company and all managers, inspectors, auditors and other persons involved in inspection activities and certify it from any internal or external pressure that has a negative impact on the quality of inspection and certification results. , Is free and the company carries out all its activities with emphasis on confidentiality and without discrimination and in full and in accordance with professional principles in accordance with current standards in the company.


This system describes all the processes and responsibilities related to the activities of this company, and all work processes are planned and controlled, and its documentation is based on changes related to the technical situation, rules, expectations and satisfaction of applicants. Employee training and motivation, as well as quality goals and company policies to increase market share, will be continuously reviewed and revised as needed.

Providing Resources

Shantia Gostar Faraz Company is obliged to provide all the necessary financial and human resources, facilities and appropriate equipment for the establishment and implementation of current standards.

Certification Services

Shantia Gostar Faraz Company provides completely impartial and independent third party certification and inspection services.